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Sono una persona curiosa, che ama divertirsi con le proprie passioni e il proprio lavoro, che si diverte a sperimentare e creare sempre qualcosa di nuovo e interessante. Questo stesso sito è frutto di un lavoro creativo.

  • Graphics

    Graphics is really important in a real project, from the more simple to the most complex one and it's usually the factor that makes the difference. My goal is to help my customer to obtain a functional graphics, able to generate good visual impact, arouse emotion and broadcast professionalism. In particular I offer services of paper graphics and web graphics, from brochures realization to website layouts.

  • Web design

    Web design is a charming discipline, current and rich of contents, and it needs both technical and creative elements. My goal is to help my custumer to realize a good website that is functional but endearing, that has a nice usability and allows a fluid and intuitive navigation, that can convey your message in the correct way and that matches with your brand.

  • Communication

    Communication assumes today an increasingly important role: you don't just need to have the right message to convey, but you also have to have and know the right public, that is able to listen to it and to appreciate it. My goal is to help customer to show to the public in the right way, so that his effort can be targeted and take the right results.

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The formula of success is to find the right compromise between technic and creativity, essentiality and detail, reason and sentiment.
Stefano Bertoli, 2014

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