Mind Math 1.0

Are you interested in mental arithmetics to keep your brain up? Here it is something for you!

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  • Why this work

    I made this app after a course in my Creative Web Specialist where I learnt how to use Titanium Appcelerator framework to build apps. Since I like mental arithmetics and I like to do some training with my mind, I decided to create something useful and funny to make this passion available for other people.

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  • How to use

    Download from play store, register your account and login only first time, than start to play. Login or register is required if the app is uninstalled or its data are deleted. You have "arcade game mode", that you can play offline and "challenge game mode", where you can save your score online and compete with other people. You can just create your custom match to do some training.

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  • Compete with other people and with yourself

    The purpose of this app is to help you to train your brain with mental arithmetics, starting from very easy operations to harder. You can compete with yourself trying to improve your results, but also with other people.

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Arcade game

15 levels with 4 operations plus random extraction divided in 3 levels of difficulty. You have to solve 10 operations as fast as possible. Passing one level will enable the next. Finish all 15 levels to unlock bonus part.

Challenge mode

Selected a operator and, a difficulty level from 1 to 3 and "race" mode or "clock" mode. On race mode with have a fixed time (60 seconds) to solve the highest number of operations. On clock more you must solve a fixed numbers of operations (20, 15 anb 10 for level 1, 2 and 3) in the fastest time. Enter the app official rankings and compete with other people

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Bonus part

When you complete all arcade levels, you'll unlock the bonus mode, that containes operations with square root and squares of numbers. Operations at Level 3 are hard but there is a some hints to solve them.

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Welcome in my math training

I think that train the mind to do easy mental calculation can help to do more complex stuff, to stimulate brain using something alternative. I usually do easy mental calculation to relax and entertain myself, keeping my mind active and fast. In this small game you can start from really easy level, where you need more istinct and fast reflexion.

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"Stefano Bertoli, 28 years old, graduated at informatics engineering in 2012 and in creative web specialist in february 2016. I am amateur pianist and i have a cat. I am fond on sport, music, maths, videogames and board games."

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App developed with Titanium Appcelerator and available for android system on Play Store

Liquid graphics with percentage to apply to all devices

Possibility to choose among four app styles: default, techno, dark and light.

Server API for user registration, login, update user info, save scores and read scores

Possibility to send me a message if you find some bugs: I'll try to fix them for next version.

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